About & Rules

Course Description:

The fully illuminated motocross course and surrounding fields at Austin/Del Valle Motorcross Park (ADVMX). The Short Track and Cyclocross races share much of the same course. The vast majority of the course is more than 15 feet wide, very smooth, with no trees, rocks or other obstacles. There are several short and steep climbs and descents, as well as numerous banked turns, but the entire course is extremely safe and ideal for beginner cyclists and kids. There are several well-marked splits in the course, where Cyclocross racers will bear off for run ups, barriers, and Short Track racers will face rhythm sections and other technical challenges. A single lap takes four to six minutes to complete.

6:15 PM Kids/Juniors Race

6:20 PM Beginner/C Race Intro Lap

6:30 PM Beginner/C Race (20 min)

6:50 Cruuuuzer One Lap Purse Race $5/OBO
7:00 PM Intermediate/B Short Track MTB

Intermediate/B, Masters & Single Speed classes
7:30 PM Intermediate/B Cyclocross(25 min)

Intermediate/B; Masters & Single Speed classes
8:00 PM Open/A Short Track, Cyclocross, 2 Rider Relay (30 min)
Registration closes 10 minutes before each race.

A or B First Race: $10
Second Race: $5
Beginner: $10
Women: $10
SCCCC: $10
Kids under 18 : Free
No licenses or land-access fees required


  • All types of bikes are welcome
  • Please remove your bar ends before racing
  • You may not enter both the Beginner and A race the same night
  • Everyone must sign a waiver – save time and print yours at home
  • Helmets must be worn at all times while riding
  • You may only pre-ride the course when specifically instructed by the announcer
  • Sandbagging: While we have no “official” categories, it’s important that racing be fun for everyone. If you can lap the field then its time to race in a harder category. We have Masters and Single Speed categories during the B race so as to create more racing opportunities for our fastest racers without overwhelming our Intermediates. However, some of fastest racers like to do 3 races in a night: we ask you to be EXTREMELY courteous when lapping riders.
  • Have fun


  • A Race: An “open” race for all abilities
  • B Race:  Intermediate, Masters (50+), and Single Speed categories for both Cyclocross and Short Track Mountain Bike. Short Track will start 2 minutes before Cyclocross, and all racers will finish on the same lap. Men and women start together and are scored separately.
  • Beginner and Kids Races: A fun event for newer racers, or more experienced racers who are getting back into shape. The course avoids the most difficult sections. Beginner short track and cyclocross will start simultaneously but be scored seperately unless field size dictates staggering like the B and A race. Kids will start one minute after the Women’s Only race.
  • Women Only Race: While we score women separately in every category, many women have said they prefer starting in their own event. Women-only Cyclocross and MTB will start simultaneously. This race will start one minute after the Beginner start.


  • We take great pride in scoring everyone who races. However, mistakes are made. There will be a 10 minute window following each race to inform the scoring officials of any changes you need.
  • Men and Women start together and are scored separately in all events.
  • Short Track and Cyclocross are scored separately in all events

Awards and Prizes:

  • Awards/prizes will be given to the kids/juniors and beginner’s class at the end of the Beginner race. Intermediate and Open awards/prizes will be given after the conclusion of the Open race.

Rain and Race Postponement:
The Austin/Del Valle Motorcross Park (ADVMX) is constituted of a type of clay that when saturated makes it impossible to drive onto the property, much less ride a bike. Thus, if there has been significant (>1″) rain prior to the event and a lack of sun and wind to dry it out, we will have to cancel the race. Please check out the DirtDerby website for last minute announcements. Historically, we have averaged one date in the fall.

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